Please read below ' the Rules of Rental Kimono ' and agree with it before reservation .

the Rules of Rental Kimono of KIKKABO

  • Leave your kimono set to your hotel's reception before 9 :00 a.m. in the next morning . When your hotel doesn't have a reception , we'll pick it up from you directly.
  • If you break a kimono or some goods or lost it or soiled it terribly , you have to pay its cleaning charge or a compensation for damage.
  • You can't lend or transfer it to the third party.
  • You have to pay a cancellation fee in the situation below.
    • More than 6 days before your rental day → No cancellation fee
    • 3 days ~ 6 days before your rental day  → 30% of your rental charge
    • 2 days ~ 1 day before your rental day  → 50% of your rental charge
    • On the day of your rental  → 100% of your rental charge
    • note ) We don't demand a cancellation fee when it's teriblly snowing or raining on the day of rental and when you get an infection disease like an influenza.

Please fill in the form and click the send bottun.
When you have sent it to us, it shall be deemed to accepted ' the Rules of Rental Kimono of KIKKABO' .

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