YUMEYA - Antique Kimono Rental -

We have a tie-up with an antique kimono rental shop Yumeya.

Yumeya is an authentic antique kimono shop in Yamanashi-ken in Japan .
Their kimono was used as a costume of the famous Japanese morning TV drama ' Toto Neechan ' by NHK.

You can check their kimono sets on their web site below. ( Sorry, but they have only the web site in Japanese .)

If you would like to wear their kimono in Kyoto, please contact us at least 2 weeks before .

Guest Houses in Kyoto

We have a tie-up with many guest houses in Kyoto.

Do you know machiya ?

A machiya is a traditional house in Kyoto town.

There are many machiya guesthouses in Kyoto . You can enjoy Japan's life there.

Hostel Association of Kyoto (URL)