We Kikkabo observe the laws and norms regarding private informations, and we exert our selves to protect the personal informations of the customers.

About personal information gathering

We sometimes gather the personal information of the customer in those cases below.

  • A customer asks questions to us.
  • A customer applies to us for kimono rental service.

About the purpose of use of the personal information of the customer

We use personal information of the customer only for the purpose below.

  • For contact with the customer.
  • For making a response to a question of the customer.
  • For providing our service.

About disclosure of personal information

We never disclose the personal information of the customers excepting in those following cases.

  • The customer himself agree to disclose his information.
  • The police request the disclosure, or the public offices request it.
  • In the case of application of the laws.

About correction and elimination of personal information

We certainly disclose or correct or eliminate the personal information when the customer himself demands it.

If you have any questions, ask us.

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KIKKABO /shop keeper: Hanae Komatsu