About Dressing

How long does it take for dressing ?

  • Women / 40 minutes for furisode , 20~25 minutes for kimono , 15 minutes for yukata

  • Men / 15 minutes for kimono , 10 minutes for yukata

    Kids / 15 minutes for 3 years old girl , 20 minutes for 5 years old boy , 30 minutes for 7 years for girl , 10~15 minutes for yukata

  • Hair Setting / 20~30 minutes for furisode hair setting and formal hair setting , 10~15minutes for simple hair setting

Should I prepare any thing to wear kimono ?

You don't need to prepare any thing to wear a kimono . We'll bring you the all things that are necessary for you to wear kimono.

But when you wear a kimono in winter , if you are sensitive to cold you had better wear a low-cut necked thermal inner and leggings.

Is it possible for a pregnant woman to wear kimono ?

Yes, sure. We think it's better to wear kimono in golden period (14~26 weeks ).

When a pregnant woman wear kimono , please choose a bigger kimono than her size .

If you have a morning sickness or some helth problems, you can't wear it .

Can you dress me in kimono in Kikkabo's studio ?

We're sorry. We don't have own studio.

When you won't stay in Kyoto, you need to rent a dressing room or a rental space for dressing. In this case, please feel free to ask us.

About Kimono Rental

Can I rent a kimono out of term ?

We don't recommend a kimono out of term.

But only furisode sets are possible to rent out of rental term only in the case that you plan to wear it for a wedding party or a ceremony.

And if you would like to wear it for taking photos in 2~3 hours , please feel free to ask us.

Does a woman can wear a men's kimono ?

Yes. If a men's kimono fits to your size, you can .
( A man can also rent a women's kimono if it fits to his size. )

Fundamentally kimono has different variations by gender. But if you would like to try the other type , please feel free to ask us.

Do you have kid's kimonos ?

Yes , we have some kid's kimono sets .

Our kid's kimono set's page are under construction now. We are sorry !

If you want to rent a kid's kimono , please apply to us until 1 month before your rental day with an information of the kid's size .
( Height, weight, and shoe size )

When you couldn't find an answer to your question, please feel free to ask us .

e-mail : kikkabo.kimono@gmail.com